Diluting a Pure Essential Oil Blend

Diluting a Pure Essential Oil Blend

The Importance of Essential Oil Dilution.

There are many compounds in essential oils. We hear words like “Hydrocarbons,” “Oxygenated Compounds,” “Esters,” “Alcohols,” “Phenols” and “Oxides,” but are these words really necessary to learn to be able to mix and use essential oils and blends?

Absolutely not.

It is important to know that the active chemical constituents found in essential oils are particularly powerful. In fact, they are so potent that they can cause serious health issues like headaches, skin burning, neuro-toxicity, convulsions, and even death (if specific oils are ingested), if they are not used properly. This is why it’s important to know how to dilute and mix essential oils, not only so that you can utilize them safely, but so that they can cover the area of the skin desired and give the best benefits possible. Most carrier oils also have their own beneficial properties that compliment those of the essential oils.

Use the dilution chart above to dilute your own essential oils and enjoy their impressive benefits.

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